Exotic Pet Care

PetCare Animal Hospital provides complete veterinary care for many exotic pets, including birds, reptiles, sugar gliders and small mammals such as hamsters, guinea pigs, rats, rabbits and mice. Drs. Hill and Burdeaux have treated exotic animals for most of their careers. They understand the unique health care needs of your exotic pet.

We offer optimum wellness care programs for most exotic pet species. Exotic pets often conceal their illnesses. We strongly recommend bi-annual physical examinations to check for health abnormalities and annual monitoring to check for nutritional and husbandry-related conditions.

Post-Purchase Examinations

Welcome your new exotic pet into your life with a post-purchase consultation. The consultation includes a complete physical examination, husbandry and nutritional consultation. Disease screening and laboratory testing will be performed if necessary.

Rabbit and Rodent Full Dentistry Services

Since rabbits and rodents are particularly prone to dental problems, we offer complete dentistry services. Treatment of rabbit and rodent dental disease includes radiographic interpretation and grading of dental disease, incisor removal, antibiotic bead abscess treatments, extractions, mechanical filing and preventative maintenance.

Nutrition and Husbandry Counseling

Drs. Hill and Burdeaux, along with the veterinary staff, can answer your nutrition and husbandry questions. We are also available for avian behavioral counseling.