Low Cost Vaccine Clinic

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Canine & Feline Vaccine Packages* – $95  

Canine & Feline Wellness Packages* –  $175

Includes: Vaccine Package ($95) & Wellness Labwork ($80)

All components of an annual wellness visit for your pet are important, the physical exam, vaccinations and routine parasite screening.  Another important component to their health is a Wellness Lab Profile.”   Since animals age faster than humans, their organ systems also age at a much faster rate.  As they age, they are prone to many of the same diseases we are, such as diabetes, kidney, liver, heart and thyroid disease.  Wellness Lab Profiles help us identify these diseases earlier so that a treatment protocol can be instituted before clinical symptoms develop.


*Additional Vaccines may be added upon request and will be charged regular price.

*Additional Services may be added (such as ear cleaning, anal gland expression, nail trims, microchips, etc.) as well as products, at regular price.